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Get Ready for Family Photo Season!

You knew it was coming...and now it has arrived.  The busy photo season is upon us with schedules filling up and as they say...you may hay while the sun is shining.

We hope you have an amazing holiday season and wish you all the best!  Let us know if we can help you in any way.

Changes are coming to P2C!  We are currently working on a new ROES based system and as part of that, we are in the process of rolling both our frame company (Beach Bungalow Frame Company) and our innovative art mount business (WallRiders) into Pixel2Canvas. If you are interested in either of these products, please contact us directly as their stand alone websites are now offline.

Customer Testimonials  
Carrie Mackey

Pixel 2 Canvas is amazing. Not only is the staff always friendly when I call with question, but the product is truly amazing. I have ordered over 20 canvases in one month from P2C and every time I am impressed with the outcome. Keep up the good work!

Kathy Chin

I was thrilled with the way you printed my first 40x40 canvas. The colors turned out great and the resolution remained. The canvas is now hanging in a Bank Show. During the opening reception, I got a lot of great responses from the guests at the show. Thanks Pixel2Canvas!!!

Alisa Groves

I could not be happier with EVERYTHING I get from P2C for my clients. But I am in love with this display of my own kids!!! It was on the wall about an hour after they were delivered :) The colors are spot on and they are just gorgeous. Thanks P2C!

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